Cross-Linked Projects


St’Art has been a youth exchange organised with the participation of more than 40 European youngsters, using a methodology in which art and cultural traditions were used to support the development of entrepreneurial initiatives of young people in a creative intercultural environment.

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The Young Side of the Moon

Has been a project among European, African and Asian partners, promoting exchanges and cooperation in the field of youth, using a creative approach experimented by PRISM, based on the concept album of Pink Floyd, entitled ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. The songs of the album, has been the basis of the nonformal educational approach applied to provide a training course following the Project Cycle Management, to support the community initiatives of young people, that can answer the current local and global economic, cultural, social and environmental challenges they are facing.

Sustain Your Life

In the times of growing youth unemployment, the project aims to equip and support youth workers and young people with knowledge, key competences and tools related to social entrepreneurship and social innovation that are needed to turn entrepreneurial ideas into social start-ups, with a view to tackling challenges and problems identified within their communities.



A European project that gives new instruments to NEETs (people neither in employment nor in education or training), interested in cultural fields, and to cultural start uppers/ entrepreneurs who want to improve their business models and skills.
RESONANT aims at identifying the most important skills for cultural entrepreneurs, fostering the acquisition of entrepreneurial knowledge by cultural and creative entrepreneurs,as well as to inform and inspire entrepreneurs and NEETs on the possibilities of cultural entrepreneurship.
The goal is for young people to achieve new skills and qualifications, such as entrepreneurship, cultural management and transversal skills, that will guarantee higher levels of employability.


POMELO – Power of Voice, Melody and Diversity

IGeneral objective of the project is to improve the effective integration practices for migrant youth and between migrant and local youths in the EU community in order to foster a multicultural enhancement path through the implementation of innovative educational methodology, tools and practices able to afford equal voice and the opportunity to grow to the migrant and local youth. The main channel used for enhancing the integration and development of the multicultural communities is music. Target groups involved in the project are volunteers and instructors, youth workers, social and community workers working on the community-building among local and migrant youth.


YOUthCOOPs: Promoting Social and Cooperative Entrepreneurship for Young People

The YOUthCOOPs project pursues the implementation of innovative practices in order to create a favourable environment for young people to engage in social cooperative entrepreneurship in their local communities, through the aim of bringing closer the youth organizations to the world of cooperatives, thus enabling young people to fully take advantage of the cooperative enterprise model.


I-CREATE: Creativity Development & Innovation Training Package for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The main aim of I-CREATE project is to provide European SMEs with a fully documented training material in creativity and innovation management, thus increasing the competitiveness and innovation capacity of SMEs.


InnoWork: Towards a More Innovative Workplace

The main aim of InnoWork project is to create a more innovation-friendly environment for EU micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and increase their business adaptability by providing the necessary training support for performing organizational innovation.


QualiTour: Quality Management Approach for Sustainable Tourism

QualiTour project aims to develop a specialized Blended-Learning Tool for education and training in the area of sustainable, responsible and high-quality tourism. The tool includes also a training on intrepreneurship in order to increase opportunities of employability, develop the existing small business already installed and potentiate new ones to emerge.


ARIALE: Automatization, Robotization for a New Reindustrialized Europe

The main objective of the ARIALE project is to provide a cost-effective, comprehensive training system for SMEs, covering wide spectrum of knowledge with regard to automatisation and robotisation with elements of automated/robotised welding. The ARIALE course is focused on automatisation and robotisation by modern technical and ICT solutions, including also some elements of entrepreneurship.